The Book of Fascinating Facts

When I was in the fourth grade I read a book called The Book of Fascinating Facts. I thought at the time it was one of the greatest books I had ever encountered and I was constantly spouting off fascinating facts to anyone who would listen.  I would quote some gem of information and my mother would ask, “Where did you hear that?”  Then I would answer with a sense of pride, “In The Book of Fascinating Facts.”

As I got older whenever I mentioned some new piece of information or knowledge someone in the family would be sure to say, “You must have read that in the Book of Fascinating Facts, and my mom would sometimes suggest that I save up my bits of interesting information and write my own Book of Fascinating Facts.

I have no idea what happened to the original Book of Fascinating Facts or even who wrote it.  But I still like all those fascinating facts out there waiting to be discovered, waiting to be reported!  I’ve always loved to read especially odd and interesting, even fascinating things, and when I write I discover that there is so much I don’t know and have to research to fill out even a familiar setting and plot.  It’s one of the perks of writing!  But my question now is how did anyone do it before google?!  I know there is no single book out there that can answer the myriad and odd questions we ask each and every day.


About Karen Hopkins

Karen Hopkins (1949-) was born in Los Angeles and raised in Martinez, California. At seventeen she moved to Talcahuano, Chile. After completing her university degree she worked in London, England for Pan American Airlines and traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East, and India. For twenty-six years Karen taught Spanish and English as a Second Language in a variety of settings including a private school in Panama, the "most remote school in the United States" in Ticaboo, Utah, the Navajo Reservation, and a teacher exchange in Hermosillo, Mexico. Karen and her husband traveled extensively throughout Mexico and Central America, spending many summers in the highlands of Chiapas and Guatemala . Karen currently lives in Southern Arizona, near the Mexican border.
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  1. Hanna (Kennamae says:

    A special person!

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